Friday, 22 February 2013

My experience of postgraduate studies, illness and recovery

In my last post I mentioned I'll be trying to put a bit more much needed writing time into my ebook contribution for the How To Leave Academia project. On top of having to deal with a couple of intense  domestic crises at the moment, this leaves little time for my blog.

I've decided then for today to leave my readers with this link to a recent piece I've added to the How To Leave Academia website. If you've followed my blog you might recall some references to my experience of Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Luckily, I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, like there isn't much of an MS reminder anywhere with the exception of some usual numbness that happens in strange places (like my tongue or lips!), or the occasional spasms. Taking daily injections is a pretty obvious reminder too, but hey, they seem to be working a treat so I can't complain. Thank you, once again, UK National Health Service - where would some of us be without you?

Anyway, this piece looks back at the earlier days of my postgrad studies, some of the craziness involved in aiming for academic perfection, and the eventual signs and 'attack' of Multiple Sclerosis that stopped me in my tracks. I hope it's a useful narrative for some readers who might be trying to figure out the sort of things that I've been working on for while - like what exactly is it that makes us happy, or at least content, and how can we break away from some of the things in our lives that just drag us down? The piece is called: Jet's story of illness, diagnosis and the long road to recovery.

Happy reading - all comments welcome here or over there!

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