Friday, 17 August 2012

Overdue Update

I realise it's been sometime since my last post and I just wanted to send a very quick little message to mention that a longer one will appear soon with more details as to what's been going on with nice re-charging vacation/holiday and with new job start. We've had a two week family holiday to sunny Spain, the Costa Brava area of Catalonia to be exact and it was the perfect tonic needed for sun deprived souls from a wet and grey British summer this year - apparently the worst in many years. I plan to add some nice pics, hopefully without boring all to death. This week I've gone in a bit to my new job for a start with an induction to the place and that's opened my eyes to a range of interesting challenges I'll have to look forward to. Much of this new role at the university where I did my PhD involves engaging with the postgraduate community across faculties and working to enhance representation and the postgraduate student experience. I'm told that my PhD background and experience there was what sold them on me as the strongest candidate for the role. So nice to hear that my PhD has actually been useful and respected outside of the teaching/research norm.

More to come soon - Bye for now!

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