Thursday, 8 March 2012

Other Great Blogs

I would not have taken the step to set up this blog if I wasn't inspired by a list of other great individuals who are writing about their experiences of Post-Grad study and teaching in Higher Education. Many of the blogs I've come across are written by people in the US. There are of course many similarities between UK and US academic work but also differences. And as it is only recently that UK government funding to subsidise universities has been cut, we have not had the long-term experience of a culture of paying students and private universities. All of that is now changing with increasing fees here in the UK. How long will it take before universities like those in the Russell Group (like the 'Ivy League' universities in the US) start charging £50,000 plus each year?

Okay, enough of that. My purpose here is to add some Blog links for futher reference. This is only a starting point short list. As I have more time to read through them I'll offer some brief descriptions to entice you.

I'm sure you'll find them as helpful as I have. Happy reading!

Worst Professor Ever
Alternative PhD
Sell Out Your Soul
Life After the PhD
From Grad School to Happiness
Post Academic

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